Building Gardens at TEENS, Inc

Chinook West student completes a hoop house in the TEENS, Inc garden

Partnerships In our ongoing effort to build local food systems, Victory Gardens develops partnerships with local businesses, schools, and other nonprofits. In 2020, we partnered with Chinook West School to build a vegetable garden at the TEENS Inc. facility in Nederland. Chinook West is a fully accredited school and the only contract school in Boulder […]

Regenerative Agriculture and Organic Labeling

know where your food comes from - Organic Farming

To help us keep our thoughts on the upcoming growing season, we’d like to call your attention to two recent online events. Soil Regen Summit 2021 Earlier this month, the Soil Foodweb School presented the Soil Regen Summit 2021, featuring sessions on a range of topics including Soil Regeneration, Permaculture, Soil Carbon Storage, and Biomimicry. […]

Getting Started

How to start growing veggies at altitude Here in Nederland, if you’re growing outside, it is wise to grow vegetables and herbs that have no more than a 90-day season. We recommend planting high-altitude, pollinator-friendly, non-GMO, certified organic seeds. We recommend the following seed companies: Botanical Interests, Seeds Trust, Seed Savers, BBB Seeds. When planting, […]


How Does YOUR Garden Grow? There are a number of ways to grow food at your house, in container gardens, raised beds (hoop house optional), cold frames, greenhouses, or inside on a windowsill. A windowsill garden is simply a small growing space you set up inside on a windowsill or somewhere that gets sunlight. Another […]

Growing at Elevation

Growing food at elevation provides its own set of challenges (short growing season, marginal soil, extreme weather, pests, etc.) But there are ways to overcome these challenges. Here are a few tips based on years of growing food in Nederland: Soil Soil is the foundation of growing food, so it is important to build and […]

Why Local Food Systems?

There may be no better way to build a resilient, sustainable community than to develop its local food systems. But this may not be as simple as it sounds. Different communities have different conditions, needs, and resources. The biggest challenge we face in Nederland is growing food at elevation—a challenge that can be overcome by […]