About Us

Our Mission

Victory Gardens is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making Nederland a more resilient community, primarily through local food production and renewable energy. We are committed to a grassroots initiative based on the principles of self-reliance, community, and sustainable living. We envision a community that directs and provides vital services related to the basic necessities of food, water, energy, waste management, medicine, and information.

We advocate a practical and common-sense approach that integrates local knowledge, science and technology, education, and information sharing. Our strategy is to begin with where we are, utilizing the material and human resources that already exist in the community. Drawing from the knowledge and creativity of local residents, we hope to build a more resilient community to meet the challenges posed by an uncertain future.

Who is Ned Victory Gardens?

Victory Garden is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization directed by Wendy Monroe and Jim McVey. Wendy earned her B.A. in English from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She is the former CEO of Mycobiological Laboratories, LLC, and current proprietor of Native Medicinals. Jim is a former professor at the University of Colorado. He is the author of three books including The Way Home: Essays on the Outside West.

But this is not a top-down organization. A meaningful local food system can only be sustained from the ground up. Our Board of Directors consists of three local residents. In addition, we rely upon an Advisory Board for input and insight. We also depend upon a group of volunteers who assist in a variety of work (contact us if you’d like to be included.)

‚Äč By creating and developing markets in the community, we hope to provide economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs. We are especially interested in getting more young people involved. In the final analysis, a successful local food system relies on the support and participation of the entire community.